Totnes Potters

Potters, ceramic artists, sculptors and teachers:  We offer you an insight into our journey.

As a group we seek to share our knowledge and skills between ourselves and others to keep this ancient craft alive and inspire each other and all those who come into contact with our work.  

We hope our enthusiasm, joy and expression spreads far and wide to create appreciation for the making process.  

We aim to inspire others to experiment with clay and know that ‘art/creativity’ takes many forms and that people can feel at home in this practice.

Makers in Clay

A craft revival is emerging which is moving society away from "haste and waste" to slow-living, a life of simplicity and to a culture of less-is-more.  Appreciation of the process, the imperfect and the originality is the new extension of mindfulness; the hands of the maker become the focus and the shape of the form.

The sculptors, potters, ceramic artists and teachers featured on this site are a small group of creatives living and working in and around Totnes.  A common thread for most is the connection with Studio 45 at Dartington Hall.  

Teachers, apprentices and members of the studio have continued the collaborative and cohesive bond that was first established in this exceptional and inspiring setting.  For most potters their work with clay has proved to be a journey of self-development and fulfilment.

Meet the Potters

Potters, ceramic artists, sculptors and teachers, the Totnes Potters offer you an insight into their journey, inspiration and practice when working with clay.  


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Totnes is renowned  for its’ eclectic and creative approach to modern day living.  Attracting the attention of many internationally renowned creatives, the town welcomes and embraces an alternative mindset. 

Set on the river Dart and overlooked by the mediaeval castle, Totnes is a hub for the movers and shakers of South Devon and has become the ‘go-to’ location for makers and artists way beyond its’ reach.